Monday, January 13, 2020

Dual-Listed Rioting

Trump's presidency now hangs on a fake trade deal. Shocking, I know...

The long awaited fake trade deal signing is on Wednesday. Gamblers are super lubed ahead of the Black Swan event. This con job will be measured solely in terms of the record numbers of useful idiots who will believe ANYTHING except the truth. Since the Roman Senate won't impeach Trump, it's up to the markets to finish the job...

Imagine if a long awaited fabricated trade deal was the cause of global meltdown. Zerohedge enumerates all of the ways this market is overbought and overbelieved. Those who propagate this delusion are complicit in human history's biggest fraud. Not just the fake trade deal, but also this fake economy, universally believed to be strong. It's 100% house of cards, held up solely by record combined monetary and fiscal stimulus. With no safety net underneath. An ALL IN gambit on Trump's re-election.

"World stock markets were flat on Monday, hovering just below record levels ahead of the expected signing of a Phase 1 China-U.S. trade deal, although markets have yet to see details of the agreement."

Two years later, global markets ex-U.S. have reached a three wave correction to a lower high:

EMs show the exact same pattern

The U.S. Stock / bond ratio exhibits the exact same three wave pattern as all of the non-U.S. charts above:

U.S. banks, same pattern. Now rolling over:

The largest dual-listed tech stock in the world is up 30% from its Hong Kong dual listing six weeks ago:

Bulls should never want to see Chinese Tech stocks "leading" the rally

Fortunately, there are only five (tech) stocks anyone needs to own

“A ratio like this is unprecedented, including during the tech bubble,” Mike Wilson, the bank’s head of U.S. equity strategy, said in a note on Sunday. “Capital concentration is following corporate inequality like never before.”

Bank of America highlighted the “rising correlation and concentration risks”

In summary, the Hong Kong riots are about to go global, when today's Idiocracy realizes they were conned again.