Wednesday, January 15, 2020

100% Banana Republican Fraud

The Republican Party bears all of the hallmarks of a Third World kleptocracy: Theft, fraud, corruption, authoritarianism, propaganda, and false idolatry. The transformation is complete...

The fact that Joe Biden is the leading Democratic candidate - by a wide margin - speaks to America's void of leadership. Not one of the candidates is willing to call out the Trump economic fraud for what it is - 100% smoke and mirrors.

Rented prosperity. Generational theft on a biblical scale.

Nor are they willing to point out his biggest, fattest, ugliest bubble in human history. Why? Because they are not willing to play the fear card. Trump of course went there over and over again when he was campaigning, but they won't resort to scare tactics. The Democrats are a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

It's up to markets to impeach Trump before he rigs another election, which is what he is planning to do already:

Speaking of MAGA glue fumes, narco pharma stocks are in blowoff mode:

Despite JP Morgan's blowout earnings on Tuesday, most bank stocks are getting shellacked this week:

Wells Fargo is getting monkey hammered 

Remember 2018's trade truce?

Apparently gamblers have forgotten that global markets crashed immediately afterwards. 

Good times.

The difference between the last trade truce and this one can be summed up thusly:

The 2018 trade truce came at the end of a 10 month decline in Emerging markets.

This trade truce is coming at the end of a 13 month rally:

"While many of the stocks saw their gains wiped out during the dot-com bubble, Cramer said it is still a worthy exercise to look back to top performers in 1999.

“It’s really pretty astonishing how much of what was working then is also working now”

Good times.