Thursday, January 16, 2020

Davos 2020: PEAK DENIAL

There will be an Old Testament ending to this Roman Bacchanalia...

The human race has only one natural enemy: Itself. This species has an extreme aversion to the inconvenient truth. That aversion aka. denial, gets the hairless monkey into all sorts of trouble. For those extended durations when this species is assiduously avoiding the truth and enlightenment, corporations have infinite lethalities to keep the drones shackled to addiction.

"Consumer choice"

On the topic of denial, it's abundantly clear that the Creator had in mind to humiliate President Ass Clown to the fullest extent possible before exploding his incontinent Circus with biblical dislocation. The plan is exceeding all expectations:

Recall, earlier this year Trump nominated himself Person Of the Year

Next week at Davos, Trump will face off against a 16 year old, in a battle between incontinent arrogance and reality. Another Trump showcase of abject irresponsibility:

Depending upon who you ask, either climate inaction is the biggest risk facing the world, or Donald Trump is the biggest risk facing the world. If you ask Trump supporters, it's Nancy Pelosi.

In other words, the biggest risk facing the world is DENIAL.

"McKinsey said trillions of dollars in economic activity and hundreds of millions lives are at risk from a changing climate"

Adapt, what's that? Unfortunately, that might affect the quarter. Don't these people know we're in self-destruct mode? It's easier to pretend this is all just a hoax invented by people who enjoy riding their bikes to work.

Fortunately, denial is actually the solution. It's this dedication to arrogance and ignorance that has created the chasmic gap between fantasy and reality. We can thank Trump for being the official president of denial.

The U.S. oil industry is literally drilling itself into the ground

The gap between the economy and stocks never wider:

All those attending Davos will be surprised when they learn that this entire decade was one colossal Ponzi scheme, run by an entire generation of Bernie Madoffs. The least dangerous of whom was jailed ten years ago. They put Bernie in jail for running his pissant Ponzi scheme and gave Wall Street a free money bailout for imploding the global financial system, for fun and profit. Fast forward another decade of criminality later, and carbon output is now 100% correlated to mass deception. The biggest source of global warming being rampant bullshit. Especially the b.s. emanating from conferences crowded with rich people who are expert at discussing problems while doing absolutely nothing to fix them. 

While today's dedicated denialists were busy staving off the minimalist recommendations from the various climate conferences, they were assiduously ignoring the freight train of reality bearing down on them from the other direction.

I don't know if outright carbon collapse will fix the problem at this late stage. I just know that we are about to find out. And then, all of the idiots who said we couldn't afford climate action will find out that they couldn't afford to be arrogant idiots.

History will say that the Trump carbon tax was totally unaffordable. Nevetheless, due on arrival.