Wednesday, January 22, 2020

An Inconvenient Implosion

Climate activists inform us that today's climate inactions are far too little. Expert climate deniers tell us these non-actions are far too much. The inconvenient truth is that these inactions are too little too late...

Therefore the "better" solution is to curl up into the fetal position and propagate denialistic disinformation until the MAGA Kingdom explodes spectacularly. By way of proving the amazing carbon-collapsing power of ignoring all problems until they can no longer be ignored. 

This society specializes in talking about problems non-stop in order to avoid fixing them. Bullshit is now America's number one industry. A specialty that has inflated human history's largest denial bubble. Sponsored by human history's lowest interest rates which are compliments of assiduously ignored global poverty deflation. What else?

This poverty capital has been over-invested in every industry on the planet, but no industry has misused more imploded demand capital than the oil industry itself. Of all industries, the Energy industry is by far the worst performing industry under Trump. And the least solvent.

And why have they performed the worst? Serial incompetence is one reason. And addiction to unfounded bullshit is another. However, the biggest reason is because that industry has been most in denial about the return of demand in a deflationary environment. In other words, while deploying record amounts of cheap capital, not once did they ask themselves why is capital so cheap?

The Energy industry is on the leading edge of self-destructive denial. A harbinger of what happens to those who ignore the inconvenient truth while demonstrating vast expertise in uninformed investment.

And who spread all of this climate disinformation, could it be the same buffoons who lied themselves into insolvency TWICE in five years?

Now extend that analogy to this entire society and Trump's continual assertion that this is "the greatest economy ever". An assertion that today is scarcely challenged by today's lamestream media. Unquestioned by academics. Gladly propagated by business leaders. And of course believed unquestioningly by sheeple at large. 

It doesn't occur to even one of them that if the economy is doing so well, why is capital STILL so cheap this far into the cycle. When EVERY other time in U.S. history rates were rising.

It's of course because we are in a "mid-cycle adjustment", on our way to happily ever after...