Friday, November 13, 2020

The Hardest Crash In History

This week, bulls went ALL IN while weak bears got steamrolled by delusion. A necessary and sufficient condition for hard reversal of fortune...

The problem with Trump's all or nothing vaccine approach is that it failed. The vaccine won't be available soon enough to prevent the uncontrolled super spike in COVID cases we are now witnessing. Sadly, Trump people are not experts in pandemics, climate science, economics, or anything for that matter. What they are is expert con artists. The MAGA pump and dump is the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history. Which raises the question - who will the GOP choose as their next leader, Bernie Madoff? If so, he and McDonald Trump will just switch places.

High to low, the crash in February was the most brutal crash in history. This impending crash will make that one seem like a picnic. All it took to get the Dow back to all time highs was 30% of GDP in fiscal/monetary stimulus, record global stock inflows, and record call option speculation.

It's all hands on Ponzi deck in 2020:

This week, rumours of an impending vaccine shotgunned global markets through the ceiling. There's only one problem, there is no vaccine.

Aside from that it's clear sailing:

"Inflows into global stocks hit an all-time record this week, netting $44.5 billion"

U.S. stocks grabbed the lion’s share with $32 billion, the second-largest on record

"Nearly $45 billion in net inflows rushed toward equity funds in the latest week, which Bank of America calls an all-time record...the last comparable intake was in January 2018...the passage of the Trump tax cut weeks earlier"

“We are sellers-into-strength into vaccine...based on peak positioning, peak policy, peak profits, comparing it to the 2018 pattern."

Trump's tax cut con job came at the front of the MAGA delusion and the vaccine con job is coming at the end of the MAGA rally:

Bulls see an "all clear for a re-opening rally" amid imploding consumer confidence and COVID super spike

"Americans are turning pessimistic about the economy for the first time in months as coronavirus cases repeatedly hit new records."

The vacation from responsibility is over:

“And we know the cases reported are an underestimate of what is out there ... we’re missing many cases because people aren’t getting tested. So the true number is much higher than what we’re actually seeing.”

What's coming next won't be a crash, it will be an explosion.

Of surplus ordnance left over from McDonald Trump's final rigged election.