Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Manic Depression aka. Buyer Beware

Morons are buying up stocks in a global economic depression. Because no one told them it was a bad idea. For today's bailout junkies, monetary euthanasia was better than facing reality...

Everything these Disney people believe is a lethal fabrication designed to enrich corporations. Until these people graduate from high school and stop emulating what every other dumbfuck is doing, nothing will change. They are trapped in a groupthink Borg of like-minded dunces, because everyone knows there is strength in numbers. 


Which gives us a very clear wave count:

What we are witnessing right now is the full extent of Wall Street's criminality. They are luring fools into epic risk during a worsening economic depression. As gamblers bid up their own stocks they are giving themselves the false impression of a recovery, as evidenced by the melt-up in cyclical stocks. 

It speaks to the alchemy of economics that if the economy collapsed to zero and then started growing again from a zero baseline, economists would say the recession was over. Which is where we find ourselves now:

Economists are ignoring the decimation of small business and jobs in order to claim that the economy is in standard recovery mode. When nothing could be further from the truth.

Unemployment today is still worse than at any point during the 2009 Great Recession: 

When Trump de-regulated Wall Street, this endgame criminality became inevitable:

It should come as no surprise that Wall Street brokers are skyrocketing to all time highs amid this record deception:

I started watching the documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix which discusses the deleterious effects of social media on society.

As someone who spent 25 years in the IT industry, I was neither shocked nor amazed at the gimmicks these mega Tech companies use to entice users. We used to call it the technology "hype cycle". Meaning every few years a new technology comes along that promises to change the world for the better. Only to find out it's merely a step modification from something we had already been doing. 

In the case of social media, the user became the product, and the advertiser became the customer. Addicted users willingly pour their entire lives into the master control system in order to get signed up to the Borg. A process that is a step function away from the old fashioned boob tube and childhood brainwashing to eat sugar cereals. The Tech geeks who described this "dilemma" were all very earnest and concerned. Imagine if a bunch of Philip Morris employees had banded together to explain how tobacco companies were surreptitiously seeking to addict smokers. Or if McDonald's employees came out and warned of the perils of junk food. Years ago we were told that marijuana is the gateway to heroin. Come to find out the local pharmacy is the gateway to heroin, except their version is much cheaper and kills far more people. These concerned geeks think this is all something new, when it's as old as the hills. Corporations have been killing people for decades. It's the American way. 

In many ways social media merely perfected the model of micro-targeting advertising to a gullible society. Our entire lives are now controlled by corporations. On the way to warning us incessantly over the perils of big government, conservatives gladly sold their souls to mega corporations. Which is why any change to the model would be "socialism".

Using data from the Fed database, I constructed this model showing labor share of U.S. GDP versus profits as % of GDP. As we see, labor share of the economy has been falling for fifty years straight, since 1970. That occurred despite the massive increase in women in the workforce. We also see that profits shot up twice - after 9/11 and again after the global financial crisis:

By far the biggest addiction this society has is to denial and ignorance. These people think they can spend their entire lives watching sports and entertainment while the world implodes all around them. They believe that the political duopoly actually represents their interests, when it has been bought and sold by corporate interests. 

The bottom line is that this brain dead Borg needs to wake the fuck up and start seeing the world for how it really is rather than how they like to see it on Netflix or CNN or Faux News. 

Or, just keep taking the easy way out.

For these comfort seekers, monetary heroin overdose at the hands of known psychopaths was inevitable.