Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rule By The Wicked. Is Ending.

In hindsight, biblical scholars will call MAGA the era of false witness. A time when criminals ran rampant and worshipped their modern day Caligula, while the empire imploded in real-time...

It took Mother Nature to put a stop to this farce.

As I said in my prior post, the sheeple are entirely unaware of their descent into squalor. It was gradual and hence it went unnoticed. For amnesiacs it's impossible to remember a time when "news" wasn't 100% circle jerk. A time when non-stop lying was considered abrogation of the Ninth Commandment, and not basis for re-election. And a time when conspiracy theories were not used to explain away facts and reality. 

Faux News (Fox) stock just took a pounding, as apparently Trump is planning to start his own "news" network. His true believers are enraged that the network is not aiding and abetting his gambit to steal the election. They now consider Fox News to be a left wing fake news outlet.


"President Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade against Fox News on Thursday morning, escalating recent attacks against his long preferred cable network."

Therefore, they are going to start a new network. We can probably guess the name. The top contenders will be INN: Idiocracy News Network. Or NJN: Nutjob News. Regardless of what it's called, it will be non-stop bullshit and conspiracy theories catering to the dumbest people on this planet.

Corporations caused this problem, they wanted a dumb and facile populace that they could exploit for maximum profit. From there, the GOP cultivated a base of useful idiots. Now, their frankenmonster is off its leash. Rupert Murdoch's evil empire is only the last casualty. Since McDonald Trump hijacked their party, traditional conservatives have had a choice, leave the party and have no representation whatsoever, or join the league of nutjobs. 

Conservatives have lost track of right and wrong. An outcome predicted by The Lonely Crowd over 60 years ago, in which society would get hijacked by sociopathic extroverts. The gullible would come to prefer opinion over facts and data, until they could no longer tell the difference. As their living conditions deteriorated, they would seek out a new lower common denominator in facile buffoonery:

The Lonely Crowd also argues that society dominated by the other-directed faces profound deficiencies in leadership, individual self-knowledge, and human potential"

The Founding Fathers would not recognize McDonald Trump and his cabal of liars. Because they are the antithesis of what the Founders sought to create in their new republic. We live in a society of Disney people not willing to reveal too much of themselves to others lest it reveal the Oz-like production taking place behind the curtain. The ability to work a room with small talk is valued, however, revealing the truth is frowned upon. People who are too honest about themselves are deemed antisocial or perhaps even "on the spectrum". The slick carnival barker is preferred over the genuine individual. Where do the sociopaths learn these skills? College of course. America's black hole of wasted time and money. An industrial factory for pumping out commodified widgets for corporate use. And along with these superficial relationships has come a profound sense of loneliness and disconnection from the rest of society. No one knows who they can trust anymore.

The next thing you know a con man is trying to tear down democracy with the assent of nearly half the country.

We have entered a black hole of leadership between now and the inauguration late January. During this time, Trump will be solely preoccupied with his own future, at the expense of the country. Planning a new talk show network reveals that he is already thinking about his next move. In the meantime, there will be no stimulus, no COVID strategy, and no leadership. This period will reveal the full extent of his incompetence and negligence of duty. To even the most ardent of supporters. And they will come to know fear. 

In the biblical tradition.