Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Exorbitant Cost of Denial

Today's ubiquitous disinformers will sequester 100x more carbon than any climate conference...

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” - George Orwell

For a long time I've had tremendous anger at the fact that the American political system specializes in ignoring all of the REAL problems while focusing on a very narrow range of mostly superficial issues. This was all theoretically going to change under Trump, a man whose life's "work" is based upon superficial accomplishment and marketing-based gimmicks. The masses at large blame politics for the country's decline, however, the U.S. political system will never be effective until truth is once again valued by society. When it's not about electing whichever village idiot tells the best story. Trump is merely a reflection of a decadent society incapable of facing truth in any direction. Now running full speed towards its unforeseen endgame.

This week, Trump's campaign team "stole" the Person of the Year award from a child climate activist and awarded it to a climate denialist:

This is the sad and pathetic world we live in now, run by and for infantile geezers and their acolyte Lost Boys, locked in human history's biggest circle jerk of obligatory lying: 

There is a reason the "system" can never be called into question - because it still works for a minority of the richest people in the country: The people who control the media and the people who ARE the media. In particular the business media who will gladly propagate any lie to keep the status quo from changing.

Be that as it may, denial is a blind spot. It's the desire and ability to eschew key facts in favor of fantasy narrative. Told by a cabal of human history's biggest story tellers, who now dominate U.S. media.

This denial of course is rampant on environmental issues. The healthcare crisis. This borrowed economy. And of course Disney markets - the most imminent crisis this Idiocracy faces. We wonder why there is a mental health crisis when this society is told to believe non-stop lies? Sanity has been abdicated. 

There is now a widespread delusion in this society that if one believes a lie with enough conviction then it can become truth. If only in its ability to seduce other converts. It's the triumph of false witness over reality. Which of course, works for a time. Because any con job can work for a time when there is another fool to be found. Most particularly when it comes to markets. In a corporate society the extant "belief" is the right to deceive other people to make the quarter.

There is tremendous arrogance that attends denial. This presumed right to use up other people in order to propagate an amoral system to the benefit of the infinitesimal minority. Now featuring Bill Gates constantly informing the world's poor how good they have it. Hang on for another few lifetimes, you may make it to the middle class one day.

No surprise, we are deep down the rabbit hole now. Very little is real anymore. There's fake prosperity, fake news, fake trade deals, fake leaders, fake people. It's been three full years to impeach a president who has been abusing power, manipulating markets, plundering the Treasury, and lying non-stop since election. By far, the most corrupt and incompetent president in U.S. history. He should have been impeached and removed by his own party a long time ago. A lesson they will learn the hardest way possible.

And yet those of us who call into question all of this fraud are still viewed as the non-credible sources of information. Biased by our refusal to accept the standard assumptions. When we stray outside of the normal bounds and question the underlying assumptions, we risk "triggering" the audience. The term used to describe someone coming into contact with inconvenient reality for the first time.

What we are about to witness is a revelation that is going to "trigger" an entire fake society at the exact same time.

At which time the true cost of unquestioned conviction in proven liars will be counted. In the form of unrealized gains melting away like a snowball in the sun. 

Perma-bears are only right once. At the end of the cycle. The only time it matters who is right or wrong.

In the meantime, the con men have their day in the sun fully disarming the masses for what is about to come.

Everyone has a role to play in the carbon bubble collapse. Especially the denialists. We couldn't do this without them.