Sunday, December 22, 2019


Trump is using RECORD stimulus gimmicks to buy votes. Which is why today's gamblers have achieved the circle jerk consensus that this is all going fantastic. Sadly, in an Idiocracy, there is no strength in numbers...

Zerohedge (Friday, Dec. 20th):
Hence even after three years of non-stop farce and fraud culminating in impeachment, Circus Donny is still polling to win in 2020. I shit you not...

It's entirely fitting that on the cusp of the largest financial/economic dislocation in human history, this society went into manic euphoria this past week. Which brings to mind this prophecy:

"The bears among us know that today's central bankers are spinning a falsehood of recovery; they steadfastly refuse to be suckered in by the euphoria of a monetary boom"

A mere perusal of the basic facts - perpetual trade war, global growth collapse, record (failing) stimulus, declining corporate profits, impeached president, extreme political dysfunction, record global debt, record mass shootings, record retail store closures,  should have hinted at how this all ends.

But this is now a "YOLO" society, one preoccupied with propagating a fake consumption-oriented version of happiness, based solely upon instant gratification. 

This has been an entire decade wasted on the prayer that this fraud would collapse on the next generation. Not one problem that led to the global financial crisis has been solved. 

MAGA represents the pinnacle of hedonistic instant gratification: Record stimulus gimmicks to buy elections. An entire political movement solely preoccupied with "now", entirely irresponsible in terms of the economy, the environment, and of course mental and physical human health. Trump has spent more of his time and effort taking away worker health coverage than on anything else. Another blow struck this week. Those Trump supporters who already have secure health coverage are vehement about taking it away from everyone else. 

This opioid crisis is no coincidence. It's coming at the confluence of an aging society of consumption addicts who are no longer able to afford proper healthcare. So, they take the easy way out. Death by painkillers. The obvious solution to a disastrous corporate healthcare system that is no longer solvent.

The healthcare cartel was down on the year, until Elizabeth Warren fell back in the polls. Joe Biden has been the biggest benefactor of Trump's impeachment. 

Over the past decade this entire society became Ponzified. Now engaged in zero sum financial asset bubbles that strip mine the many to enrich the few. The largest of which is the S&P 500 stock buyback bubble, which is allowing insiders to cash out in record size at public 401k expense. Telling the truth in this society has gone under the bus in the past decade. Too many people now believe that it's ok to go along with mass fraud on a scale never before witnessed in history. NOTHING will improve in this society until we accept the truth. 

What will be lost at the end of this cycle will be faith in our so-called leaders. In politics, business, economics, and academia. They will all be viewed as complicit in propagating lies, in order to keep this human meat grinder intact for another cycle.

This society is living in fear of reality. Therefore instead of facing the truth, they've invented a simulated future. One in which people work and theoretically have something to show for it at the end. Therein lies the fraud. This has always been a zero sum game. Now people work and have nothing to show for it when they reach retirement. That's what used to be called slavery. In other words, slavery has now become the American "way of life".

That this entire fraud could be swept under the rug amid record "euphoria" is a testament to the power of brainwashing. Repeat the same lie over and over again - "greatest economy ever", and people will begin to believe it. One has to ask themselves, when did continuous lying become the entire Republican platform? Ask Rupert Murdoch, he knows. History will say that when Faux News became the most popular news channel in the U.S., it was game over for the truth. 

All we can say for certain is that for those of us who want rule by Hidiocracy to explode decisively, this "euphoric" ending is the "best" way possible. In 2008, that crisis came just as power was handing off from Bush to Obama, meaning Bush didn't have to clean up his own mess.

This time, that won't be the case. A re-election year with Mr. Clown at the helm having to explain how epic fraud caused record meltdown. While the Roman Senate tries to figure out how to save even one seat in 2020.

Good luck with that.

What Caused The 1987 Crash?

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