Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The End Of The Cycle. Meltdown Rally

Archaeologists will want to know how this Roman Circus exploded unexpectedly. It all started with Third World aspirations. And went downhill from there...

On the eve of impeachment by the House, impeached or not, Trump is still favored to win the 2020 election. Which is a testament to the almighty power of greed and corruption at this late juncture. This society is WHOLLY drugged by the virtual simulation of prosperity and its acolyte QE. The truth is no longer an option. These people are fully invested in Disney World, which means they can no longer even contemplate what would happen should it explode due to rampant corruption. Hence they will all find out the hardest way possible.

Here is what is planned for Trump's second coming:

"For all the attention the Democratic 2020 hopefuls garner, most on Wall Street still believe the election is President Donald Trump’s to lose"

No surprise, Trump is going to monetize more tax cuts for the rich. But first he will get rid of Powell and install one of his right wing sycophants. The U.S. will be fully Third World by that time. Only inconvenient reality can stop this gong show now.

Under President Camacho, soon corporations will pay zero taxes:

Corporate taxes are at a 25 year low, unadjusted for inflation:

Generational theft will explode under the second coming of Donny:

There is only one fly in the ointment for this Banana Republican corruption orgy. For some reason, there is no reflation in fake reflation. The middle class was not invited to the party.

Nevertheless, gamblers have been too busy front-running central banks to bother to check to see if the economy is coming along for the ride. And it's not:

"If you buy it, they will come"

In hindsight, this will be viewed as a totally bogus stock market rally. Unconfirmed by Banks, Transports, Homebuilders, Autos, Retailers, and Industrials (ex-Defense). In other words unconfirmed by the economy.

Confirmed only by rampant bullshit and the misallocation of capital at the end of the cycle. 

As I said at the outset, the truth is no longer an option. These monetary zombies are fully invested in Disney World

According to Mark Hulbert, investors are as extreme bullish now, as they were bearish at the bottom one year ago. Fantastic market timing. 

"I bought for the meltup, but I stayed for the meltdown"