Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Judgment Day

This is an historic moment. Trump has never been held accountable for anything in his entire life. And he is none too happy about it either...

He was never held accountable for his bankruptcies - his creditors always left him personally intact and re-financed his subsequent failed ventures. His serial adulteries were merely try and buy prior to his next marriage. He threw his lawyer Michael Cohen under the bus for the porn star payoffs. And his serial tax evasion, still not prosecuted. The FBI never directly proved that Trump is Putin's Manchurian Candidate, despite having indicted the rest of his campaign team. Which is why he so brazenly extorted the Ukrainian government, now leading to his impeachment. He built his entire 2016 campaign around a racist lie that President Obama was not really an American. Which won him the undying love of the KKK, alt-right Neo-Nazis, Evangelicals, and every combination thereof. Subsequently his plundering of the treasury and de-regulated corruption have won him the undying love and support of Wall Street. He is THEIR man. 

This level of greed and corruption has never before been imagined in U.S. history. The Founding Fathers never saw this coming. Which is why the system has no recourse. They never predicted an entire party would base its platform on ending democracy in order to permanently install corruption. Historians will draw a direct line from the disgraced Nixon, to the b-Actor Reagan, to the C student GW Bush who did his best implode the entire global financial system. To the endgame show host, Trump. A narcissistic black hole of humanity. Ever greater abuses of power. All a direct line result of moral collapse while worshipping the cult of self-interest. The inversion of morality from altruism to narcissism. Now culminating in a morally void president. And a movement that will stop at nothing to see him re-elected. Including destroying democracy itself.

Make no mistake, this is an historic moment. The crater left behind by this cataclysmic explosion will be massive to say the least.

Nevertheless, a necessary consequence arising from epic greed and corruption. The mythology of greed will be duly imploded.

Everyone will ultimately understand the downsides of taking self-interest to its furthest logical conclusion - a nihilistic society of consumption addicts willing to sacrifice the future for instant gratification today. Ending in totally "unforeseen" self-implosion. A society too self-absorbed to see it coming.

Now convinced that endless borrowing and printed money are the secrets to effortless wealth.

It's truly shocking how few people see this ending. Three years of insanity has desensitized everyone to risk. In a society steeped in corruption, the biggest liars have the most airtime and the most followers, which is why Sean Hannity and Faux News are number one in viewership with a substantial lead. In addition, there is unprecedented pre-election stimulus lubrication now that the Fed is monetizing Trump's deficit.

*2019 monetary stimulus (balance sheet expansion) is through Jan. 2020: