Saturday, December 28, 2019

Clear And President Danger

Unfortunately, in Disney World the ride always ends. Everyone will say they didn't see this Ponzi ride ending; however with Trump as president, historians will have a hard time believing they weren't in on the Idiocracy. Happily propagating delusion in a zero sum fraud of global exploitation...

Over the past decade, the vast majority of everyone you know, capitulated to Disney markets. In particular the media, academia, economists, Wall Street, and investment managers. They had no "choice" but to believe in an asset bubble zero sum game. Everyone believing THEY would come out the winner at everyone else's expense. A society with the cumulative IQ of a dead gopher. 

Sadly for them, only perma-bears are right once. When it really matters - at the end of the ride.

Everyone else is drugged by the virtual simulation of prosperity and its acolyte QE. There came a point in the cycle when from a time or money perspective, there was no choice but to capitulate to indefinite delusion.

I get it, not really. I've warned all along, never forfeit sanity to mass delusion. There are some things that are impossible to get back. Capital being the least of them. This society now places all of its fake faith in the corporate dead end way of life. The new religion. Desecration of life. Desecration of planet. Desecration of mind. Desecration of body. Desecration of soul. 

The same way of life that exploded in 2008. The one that first enslaved the developing world and then came home to roost in the "wealthy" nations.

Going back decades, what set the developed world apart from the developing world was labour scarcity. An enviable advantage that remained in place during the colonial era. However after the mid-1960s, the post-colonial era gave rise to globalization and free trade. The desire of the Third World to gain a seat at the big table. Enter corporate arbitrage: buying in one locale and selling in another. Destroying one middle class by preventing another. Moving factories around as necessary to keep profits maximized and dreaded labour scarcity at bay. No surprise, labour cost aka. wages collapsed down to "marginal cost", meaning whoever will do it the cheapest. Productivity is no longer a factor in wage setting. The massive differential between productivity and wages now accrues to multinational corporate profit. 

But a funny thing happened in 2008. Demand collapsed. Debt markets imploded. Suddenly the failed globalized capitalist arbitrage was at risk.

Enter central banks and Disney markets. The serial bailout of globalized capitalism by central banks via zero sum asset bubbles. This just happens to be the biggest asset bubble in human history. Inflated by the greatest amount of Disney money in human history.

There is a reason not to believe in this fraud, that transcends an entire decade worth of wasted money, wasted time, and forfeited sanity: Credibility.

The capacity to know right from wrong, as it pertains to using people up.

Lest one finds out at the end of it all, they were among those being used.