Friday, October 23, 2020

The Moment Of Truth

We live in a society of denialistic zombies refusing to change, because the crushing effects of today's failed policies keep falling on the same ignored people over and over again. This bubble of insanity must end before anything gets better...

Many of us have attempted to shake this society from its stupor, to no avail. No matter how bad things get, somehow the old habits return in force the moment the imminent danger passes. These people are expert denialists. The latest gambit is bidding up stocks during a pandemic depression. This deception started after 2008 using monetary policy. Under Trump it switched to fiscal profligacy madness. Now, it's running on combined fiscal and monetary eight ball. Because everyone knows that the solution to all problems is asset bubbles. The virtual simulation of prosperity.

In addition, we are getting buried by disinformation. The alt-right conspiracy model is proliferating. You have to ask yourself, what kind of cave troll enjoys propagating lies and disinformation. This is a con man's paradise. One of the side effects of the age of Trump is the continuous attack on reality and the truth. MAGA is 100% false witness. It is the intentional continual distortion of the truth. It is an assault on intellectualism, intelligence, commonsense, and rationality. It is the total absence of sanity.

The lamestream media fights back meekly with their own echo chamber of outrage which only fuels the fire of disinformation. In reading Bob Woodward's book, Rage, my main criticism is that he recycles the same cherished assumptions and delusions now held by the mainstream media. He is politely cordoned off from the truth by his unwillingness to challenge conventional wisdom. We just have to keep pretending that disintegration is exceptional. 

You can drive a truck through the holes in today's standard assumptions, which has given rise to legions of disinformers propagating conspiracy theories. All of this is a huge victory for Vladimir Putin - in great measure revenge for the marginalization and humiliation Russia suffered after the collapse of the Soviet Union thirty years ago. Now, he has his own base of useful idiots in the U.S. and a Manchurian Candidate in the White House to do his bidding. Quite a turn of events. 

America's intelligence agencies have been downgraded to Deep State propaganda. Half the country no longer trusts the U.S. intelligence establishment. Untold billions of dollars of intelligence goes down the drain every day in an empire wracked by distrust and disinformation. Putin now has free rein to interfere with the election, because he has the U.S. president on a tight leash. It's abundantly clear that the U.S. education system is a factory churning out millions of idiots every year. South Park can claim more A students than the school system.

Getting back to Trump Casino, approaching this existential election one would never believe that such giddy ambivalence could abide today's gamblers. Apparently, no matter who wins, they win so we are to believe. So far, the casino remains well bid because there has been a rush into risk ahead of this election. The opposite of what we saw in 2016.

The hook is set.

The Casino remains Vixplosion level overbought due to record call option speculation not seen since Flash Crash 2010.

What could go wrong?

Ponzi reflation strikes again.

New highs NYSE and Nasdaq deja vu of the February top:

You know you're a denialist when...

You can't trust those mail-in ballots, but you can trust the idiots in line at the polls who believe that COVID is a hoax. One thing about Trump is that he sequesters a lot of carbon.