Sunday, October 18, 2020

Denialation: The Problem That Fixes Itself

Heading into the existential election, Trump country is seeing its largest COVID spike to date...

The loyal geezers from Trump country were right there with Trump in the early days of the COVID hoax theory. At that time the virus mostly afflicted cities and other dens of iniquity. Over time the hoax hypothesis became fully engrained. Not wearing a mask became a sign of Trump support. Which is why this much more powerful second wave is now afflicting rural areas much more than cities. The areas with the least amount of healthcare resources. Fast forward to now and those same geezers are spending all their time at Zoom funerals while their dumbfuck progeny are still convinced it's a hoax. In two weeks time - not trusting mail-in voting - they are ALL going to congregate en masse at the polls to re-elect the Anti-Christ in their own image. In what will be the largest superspreader event of 2020, during the largest COVID outbreak of the year. 

What could go wrong?

"Friday, we had 70,000 cases, matching the largest number we had seen back during the really serious peak in July," he said Sunday. "That number, we're going to blow right through that. And between now and the holidays, we will see numbers much, much larger than even the 67,000 to 75,000 cases."

Looking back, historians will say that COVID accelerated the collapse that began in 2008. Under Obama we endured eight years of monetary euthanasia, which sad to say is how Trump got elected. It was the deaths of despair campaign strategy.  Trump, no stranger to bankruptcy, promised rented prosperity to be delivered during the most fiscally profligate presidency in U.S. history. Now in 2020, his glue sniffing contest known as "MAGA" is wholly dependent upon non-stop monetary and fiscal policy.

Since COVID, the demise of brick and mortar retail went on apocalyptic steroids. The overwhelming faith in technology reached its apex, as the replicants at large became one with the machine during the work from home pandemonium. All of the parts of the economy that rely on human interaction - bars, hotels, fitness centers, restaurants, airlines, local service businesses, went dark. While the automated part of the economy run by computers took remaining market share. An extreme deflationary event - the mass swapping out of people with machines, on an epic scale. The pyrrhic deflationary victory of the corporate oligarchy. The wholesale replacement of human beings with machines. There is only one problem, robots don't go shopping and they don't watch Netflix. 

Amid all of this late stage self-destruction, the aspirational replicants fed their last vestiges of intelligence into the dumbphone 12. Outsourcing all thinking to the machines. We are now surrounded by a mindless Borg that is only interested in the opinions of other mindless replicants. Mainlined with corporate frankenfood and living the dream of virtual simulated happiness and rented prosperity.

It can come as no surprise that mental health is collapsing while anxiety and depression are rampant. This Borg has no idea who to trust anymore, since being honest and genuine is the surest way to lose the race to competitive conformity.

Soon, all of this insanity will turn to pixie dust and blow away. The real reason there has been no additional stimulus is because stocks have been going vertical since the March low. The billionaires are richer now than before the pandemic started. Had stocks tanked, there would have been a massive stimulus already. Which is why when the casino crashes down to economy reality, and the political quagmire yields rioting, the days of propping up billionaire wealth will be over. At that point, the replicants will realize they got conned by a society of trusted con men. Everything they believed in was a denialist fantasy at THEIR expense.

Then, will come acrimony.