Thursday, October 22, 2020

Appetite For Self-Destruction

The new Civil War will not end two weeks from now, nor will it last forever. It just feels that way...

There are far too many among us who desperately believe this MAGA fantasy can continue forever. Their depth of delusion is manifest in a sociopathic liar.

We've never seen any developed country as divided as the U.S. is right now. One wonders, how did it come to this and when does it end?

It takes a country in profound disarray to achieve this level of stark divisiveness. Even within families now there is tremendous rancor. Certainly the status quo is most complicit in the disintegration of society. Globalization mixed cultures, ideologies, and races on a scale never before experienced in human history. It destroyed traditional cultures and replaced them with corporate Disney values. All the while it riddled the populace with disease, strip-mined the middle class of economic prosperity, and raped the environment for unprecedented corporate profit. 

And yet, these two political sides see the same problem from a totally different perspective. The side on the right blames the bogeyman of creeping socialism, having been brainwashed to confuse epic greed for the few with a social safety net for the many. The other side blames the cult of greed and self-interest, which is what history will agree was the root cause of this epic downfall. Whatever "socialism" exists today is merely a thin facade to cover the chasmic black hole left by failed capitalism. Nevertheless, it was inevitable that the "roadkill" thrown off by Globalization would come to detest those they believed were the beneficiaries of the system. Perceived or real. It was inevitable that their rage would get hijacked by an opportunistic demagogue. And it's inevitable that today's historical illiterates will be consigned to the dustbin of history as nothing more than an enraged Colosseum mob.

In some ways we will all be implicated in this voracious way of life. Mass consumption addiction tried its best to consume the planet, consumed the middle class, consumed the economy, consumed the government, and left a hollowed out corporate Idiocracy in its wake. One still manifesting the same voracious ways of the past and yet having ever-dwindling resources at their disposal.

Accept less? No way. Blame the foreigners who took this all away from us. Which is the MAGA strategy in a nutshell. Blame everyone else for self-destruction.

COVID shut down their party. For good. They were caught between their consumption addiction and their awakening to the fact that life is more important than money. Not once in their lives had they contemplated that anything could be better than more.  

The Boomers are now straddling the line between employment and retirement. On average 10,000 are reaching the age of 65 EVERY day. We are now at the crossover point between investment and consumption. Meaning as Boomers draw down their life savings in retirement, less savings will be available for investment in the economy and the stock market. Meanwhile, the Social Security surplus was squandered on tax cuts. The buffer this society needed to get past peak retirement no longer exists. From this point forward, Social Security is now running at a cash flow deficit paying out more than it's taking in via paychecks, which means that every new retiree means more debt burden for future generations. On paper the program is still solvent due to the IOUs Congress issued in exchange for tax cuts, however, those IOUs are worthless and now represent new Treasury issuance. New Treasury issuance of course means more monetary expansion. 

Which is where this gets interesting. 

The tax cut criminals miscalculated, because they didn't make a safe getaway to another planet they could destroy. Now under Trump these ludicrous deficits are putting the entire currency at risk. Uncontrolled monetary expansion in the long run destroys wealth, particularly in financial assets. Most of today's fake wealth is unsecured debt which will be vapourized via defaults and inflation, in the fullness of time.

We now stand at the fulcrum of history. The point at which the corporate Idiocracy at large comes to realize this was all a massive con job. The one in which they realized they got used up by their own trusted psychopaths. There is no way this zero sum game can meet the aspirations of the masses while they are being strip-mined to the benefit of the few.  

Republicans know their best days are behind them. Demographically, they've already lost the future. Which is why they cling to the failed past. Mythology is all they have left. It would be better if the Proud Boys rose up against the Deep State sooner rather than later. Netflix has run out of content and we will soon need plenty of spectacle to entertain the masses who will be far more dangerous than a handful of man boys. When these zombies realize their entire way of life is a hoax, the level of rage will be beyond anything we've seen before. 

I don't follow this Bidengate circle jerk because it's all a big load of bullshit. A late stage desperate gambit similar to the Clinton email fiasco that handed the election to Trump four years ago. The masses at large are ignoring it, because they're desensitized to lies after four years of non-stop lying. 

History won't say Trump was the most destructive president in U.S. history. That accolade will be awarded to George W. Bush who initiated the two longest blunders in U.S. history and presided over the global financial crisis - the effects of which are still being felt today. Bush also oversaw the outsourcing of on average 17 factories per day during his tenure. Out of the ashes of that crisis arose the opportunistic Trump to finish the job GWB started.

Any questions?