Friday, October 23, 2020

The MAGA Circle Jerk Is Ready To Explode

This election is only about one thing - more free money for the rich, or assistance for the majority sliding into poverty. Those who vote for the Criminal-in-Chief are accomplices in human history's greatest theft...

AP: Oct. 16th, 2020
U.S. Posts Record $3.1 trillion Federal deficit

The Cayman Islands posts record windfall.

I will now make my prediction for the election and the remainder of this year:

This election wiil be a referendum on criminality. With respect to these failed stimulus talks, no one with a brain really believes that McConnell wants to help the middle class. Everyone knows that Pelosi gave them the easy way out and they wouldn't take it because their "principle" per se, is solely to steal from the poor to give to rapacious criminals. She outplayed all of them, and they will pay a heavy price for it in the election. She wanted them to say no to her generous offer. And she was not disappointed. 

"With the pace of talks dragging, resistance from Senate Republicans is building, and Trump’s ability to twist arms into supporting a deal appears to be waning. Now some House Democrats are telling Pelosi that they don’t want to vote on legislation before the election if the Senate won’t do so, according to a party official."

Therefore, I predict a MASSIVE Democratic landslide across the board. Wholesale repudiation of MAGA, Trump, McConnell, CEO Criminals, Wall Street, non-stop lying, and useful idiots.

With respect to Trump Casino, I predict that the blue wave is already "priced in", therefore the election will elicit a sell the news reaction deja vu of the TARP bailout circa 2008:

Hence, I see a Super Crash on or before the election, leaving Banana Republicans right back where they were 12 years ago in 2008, at the same juncture they were at when their last criminal left office in shame. However, this time I predict no bailouts for the rich and a lot of scumbags in prison.

The age of criminality will be over. 

I also predict that COVID cases will spike massively after the election which will be the largest superspreader event of 2020 in Trump Country. The Old Age home, sequestered by Zoom funerals, will finally come to understand that Trump buried their generation. And they will NEVER recover. 

"The rising numbers put the nation on the precipice of what could be its worst stretch to date in the pandemic with some hospitals in the West and Midwest already overwhelmed and death counts beginning to rise."

Even as hundreds of people are dying each day, “there’s this false sense of calm right now,” said Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “We have the president saying, ‘We’re rounding the corner.’ We have state leaders openly defying public health guidances.”

Any questions?

ALL of the MAGA Tech stocks report this coming week: