Monday, March 2, 2020


We are now experiencing the diminishing marginal returns of simulated prosperity. Rampant hysteria over the Coronavirus is doing far more damage than the virus itself. When they close the Waffle House then I'll panic...

The number of people who have died from this virus is a rounding error relative to the people killed by McDonald's and Coca-Cola every minute of the day, and yet the comfort-seekers at large have decided to cancel life to ensure they have zero risk of dying. Welcome to "life" in the old age home.

In the fullness of time, these pussies will realize they pushed the global economy into depression.

Any questions?

The reason this virus is spreading so far and fast is because most people who have it don't even know they have it. That's how "bad" it is. I'm pretty sure I had it myself last week. It's like Ebola, except not even remotely. Nevertheless, all manner of conventions, sporting events, and travel plans are now being cancelled. There has been only one death so far in the U.S. On par with the number of people who die every second from french fries overdose (Rough approximation). 

"We were worried about the virus, so we canceled the economy"

The number of people who die in an economic depression is astronomical. Due to rampant poverty. The number of people who will be affected by this infantile pandemonium will be incalculable. And yet we are a society that only reacts to visible risk, while ignoring secondary factors. We are a society of the spectacle. Token generosity while silent poverty remains totally invisible.

We are entering a very troubled time indeed. 

If it's one thing we've learned in the past decade it's that this society will do ANYTHING to avoid short-term discomfort. We've seen it in spades via Disney markets and all of the asset distortions gladly caused to prevent facing economic reality.

Nevertheless they ALL end up imploding.

Here we see the limits of printed money via the Japanese Nikkei which has gone nowhere for two years despite non-stop printed money. This is due to the iron law of diminishing marginal returns from simulated prosperity.

This is a society desperately afraid to change their ways, so they continue blundering down the path of failure until inconvenient reality explodes in their face time and again.

Which is why helicopter money is inevitable. When today's ideologically flexible bailout whores switch from being "capitalist" to being socialist at the speed at which their Netflix positions get margined out, heli money (universal income) will arrive. Not if, only when.

In the meantime, brace for "acrimony".

And needless to say, the odds of Trump getting re-elected are now the limit approaching zero. My 2020 prediction of Trump incarceration and mass rioting is well on track.

This is what QE will look like in extreme economic deflation: