Saturday, March 7, 2020

Final Countdown

Super Clown is the Jim Jones of our time. He convinced millions if not billions of useful idiots to drink the Kool-Aid. The sum total of four decades of Banana Republican criminality - ignorant, arrogant, morally dead, intellectually void, determined to self-destruct. A biblical Anti-Christ with a purpose. The Trump carbon tax is due...

Donny's re-election Super Bubble is now of a magnitude large enough to explode his presidency. The entire Republican party. And all of his criminal accomplices who contributed to his 2020 Manhattan re-election project. 

Trinity is ready for detonation:

This is the largest Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction in human history without any comparison. It combines ALL of the features from the prior test implosions into one massive Super Bomb.

It embeds a Y2K Tech bubble featuring four MAGA stocks accounting for unprecedented percent of market performance.

It has a record corporate credit bubble now being imploded in real-time by Corona hysteria. Panicked shoppers emptying out Costco over a virus weaker than the common flu.

A pandemic of morons.

The unforeseen side effect of a useful corporate Idiocracy subject to mass panic and stampede.

It has a Chinese economic meltdown deja vu of 2015

Trump's Idiocracy is celebrating the monetization of poverty

It has an embedded index super bubble, featuring an ever-growing universe of ETFs. Which flash crashed in 2010 and again in 2015. Five years later the number of ETFs has grown even larger to a point that Michael Burry of "The Big Short" fame warned that it is set to explode.

It's the new subprime:

It embeds an obligatory oil/commodity implosion deja vu of 2016:

Now, over the weekend a new oil war has broken out between Saudi Arabia and Russia with the real intended target the U.S. shale sector.

And yet crude oil speculators ended the week STILL net bullish:

Of course it was Trump's tax cut and mega deficit that created the Repo crisis late last summer when the debt ceiling was lifted. Record treasury issuance imploded the repo market:

August 2019:

The repo liquidity crisis has only worsened in the meantime. 

March 3rd, 2020:
Fed Sees Huge Demand for Repos; Tuesday Operations Total $120 Billion

"Big banks’ demand for temporary liquidity exceeds limit"

Remember when Republicans held Obama's budget hostage back in 2011 because they were pretending to care about the deficit? In the event, they forced a U.S. debt downgrade for the first time in history. They only backed off when the S&P collapsed -20%.

Well, this is payback:

And of course it has a volatility trigger deja vu of 2018 which STILL hasn't been triggered.


It has all of the features one would want to see in a Financial Super Bomb, all rolled into one.

This one even has some features that we've NEVER seen before. Some things only Jim Jones could accomplish.

First off, it has mass complacency on an epic scale.

Secondly, and even more amazing given the amount of rampant complacency, it has NO stimulus safety net for the first time in U.S. history.

Donny has somehow convinced the masses to sky-dive without a parachute.

The same way Jim Jones convinced hundreds to drink the Kool-Aid. Trump has pulled off the same feat.

On a biblical scale.

Of course he had ample assistance from the same accomplices as last times.