Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Global Pandemonium

We have reached the point of global pandemonium. Wherein zombies can stay home and bid up their own stocks while the economy implodes in real-time. Global GDP has been officially quarantined... 

U.S. depression will be backdated to when Herbert Hoover drew down his entire line of credit at the Fed i.e. September 2019 repo crisis. 

This is the sixth 90% down (volume) day in two weeks. There is nowhere to hide in Trump Casino:

One month of non-stop BTFD later, and the Dow is now officially in a bear market.

This was the fastest drop from all time highs into bear market in history.  


However, the real concern for bulls is the fact that the Nasdaq (100) large cap Tech index is through the final level of support. Now fully into the panic zone. The next line of support is a global margin call away.

Goldman announced that the bull market will end "soon".

How soon is today?

"We've updated our 2020 price target to include a minus sign" 

The corporate bond bubble is imploding in real-time:

Deja vu of 2008, Boeing just maxed out their credit line.

The Dow's highest weighted stock just crashed the most since 1974:

Wall Street was at the White House lying in unison with their partner in crime:

The average stock NEVER confirmed the all time high. The real bear market began in October 2018. This last rally was merely a Tech bubble.

Today's well-trained chimps somehow still evince faith in imaginary bailouts.


There is only one "event" left for today's zombies who've been euthanized by lethal bullshit and central bank dopium: