Monday, May 4, 2020

Trumptopia Is History

I have to constantly remind myself what's so great again about non-stop lying. Make no mistake, history won't be nearly as forgiving. Trump's entire re-election strategy is based upon killing off his own base healthwise and wealthwise. Among those who discuss markets, I'm STILL somehow one of the few who say that the policy of throwing people under the bus to get re-elected won't work. 

Do you know why? Because it's their turn to go under the bus and no they don't see it coming.

Every day Trump breaks fundamental rules of honesty and decency with impunity. His Faux News handlers never once call him out on his ludicrous behaviour. Their goal is to be forever memorialized as part of his circus act. 100 years from now historians will look back on all of this buffoonery and say that the Trump era was America's dire moral low point. To be sure, we didn't get here overnight. The moral decline has been taking place since 1968 - my entire lifetime. This is a seminal moment for Republicans to finally put the country ahead of their own corrupt failed ideologies. We know which path they will take. And the cost will be totally unaffordable. 

From inception, MAGA was always a sheer fantasy, however now it has entered the Darwinian lethality stage. Those Trump supporters who believe there will be no consequences from his non-stop lying, are only lying to themselves. The 2020 consequences will be most acute in the areas of health, wealth, and politics. However, from an historical standpoint, these Trump denialists will be tattooed with his lies and their dire consequences for the rest of time.

America's political divide is not political. The politics of the day are merely a manifestation of societal aspirations going in two totally different directions. The real divide is about the past versus the future. Liberals and progressives are trying to build a future out of the ash heap of the past, while the reactionary right is still clinging to a past that no longer exists. A past that self-destructed due to unprecedented greed.

This of course in many ways is also a demographic divide, although there are plenty of young and old on both sides of the political spectrum. However, those who cling to the past are of the mind that they are entitled to never change. To continue down the same self-destructive path as always. Failure is the new success. MAGA is running on the glue fumes of ancient mythology. 

Unfortunately, reality doesn't care what people want. This Coronavirus so-called "Black Swan" event exploded the latent fragilities in the MAGA delusion. A slightly stronger than average flu bug literally imploded the global economy overnight. The problem wasn't the virus itself, it was the sheer pandemonium that it created in the old age home. 

Make no mistake, our politicians, most of whom are ancient geezers themselves, panicked when they saw the mortal threat posed to their own health AND more importantly their political future. The politics of the U.S. are controlled by the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). These senior citizens are 6:1 in favor of social distancing at the expense of the economy. Whereas Millennials are 60:1 in favor of ending forced celibacy. Had this so-called pandemic arrived when the Baby Boomers were in the prime of their free love Woodstock orgy I assure you it would have just been one more flu bug coming from China. Not this clusterfuck it's turned into.

Aside from age, which is a generic risk factor far less predictive than overall health, diabesity and its attendant complications of high blood pressure and heart disease, is the biggest risk factor associated with COVID. As we know, corporations have been systematically fattening this society for the past several decades. In other words, this designer virus targets people who are addicted to the corporate deathstyle. And it arrived at a time when Trump has put unemployed healthcare in jeopardy. No surprise, it's a recipe for systemic healthcare collapse and personal bankruptcy. 

This fiasco will all be looked back upon as being the last straw that imploded a denialistic fantasy in progress. Thereby hastening the demise of what was already imploding on its own. Recall that in Trump's greatest economy of all time, the yield curve had been warning of impending recession for a year before Coronavirus:

January 30th, 2020:

"2019 went down as the year of the yield curve inversion."

This classic sign of pending recession—when short-term government securities offer higher yields than longer-term ones—lingered for a "solid five months" from mid-May to October...It was the first time in years the yield curve had inverted."

In other words, the only hope that Trump has of getting his fabricated Ponzi economy back on track is to convince the elderly to end social distancing. And yet they are the least likely to follow his advice AND the least likely to appreciate his blitzkrieg re-opening "strategy":

..."Any way you slice it, Trump is playing with fire in promoting a megastrategy for the pandemic that appears to make the safety of seniors a secondary concern"

This strategy will fail both economically AND politically among his elder base. As they attend more and more virtual funerals, Trump will eventually feel their ire. Time and body count are not on his side. 

Of course this is not the only buffoonery we must yet endure. Somehow the man who sold himself as an isolationist president is now agitating for war in China's backyard. WWIII is just another political stunt to get him re-elected. Why the U.S. military is still encamped in Asia fomenting war when Trump's entire foreign policy was based upon isolationism, is a function of political opportunism. Our oldest son (USMC) is now trapped on Okinawa by the travel ban, when he was supposed to end his two year overseas tour in April.

It's the most fucked up and convoluted foreign policy any draft dodger could possibly fabricate. Again, all part of the extraordinary arrogance that is the only thing that remains of abandoned empire. We don't care what happens overseas, but we'll go to war over it for political gain. 

What history will say is that Trump was America's moral low point. The wholesale collapse of reason and responsibility, all so that a denialistic old age home could pretend they were still great again.

My prediction is that those few true believers who survive this Trumptopian gauntlet of lethal lies will never again admit that they were Trump supporters. In the future it will be an IQ test.

Yes or no, did you support that jackass?

Hell no.