Friday, May 15, 2020

Nature Won. Thank God.

Because of nature, we will no longer be imprisoned by morally challenged sanctimonious hypocrites with a compulsion for electing morons, in their own image...

The Trump carbon tax is due. Payable in denialistic dumbfucks. The ONLY thing that made sense over this past decade's failed bailout gimmickry was that the stakes kept getting raised higher and higher, until now - it all makes perfect sense. 2008 didn't finish the job, so we upped the ante 10x for this next round of rational self-implosion, in the Ayn Randian tradition.

"Once I stood to lose her
When I saw what I had done
Bound down and flew away the hours
Of her garden and her sun
So I tried to warn her
I'll turn to see her weep
Forty days and forty nights
And it's still coming down on me"

I think we all see where I'm going with this:

There's no audience for reality anymore. Because there never was one, in the history of humanity. Which is how we ended up with 8,000 religions, but who's counting. Everyone smoking their own brand of bullshit while enjoying extreme conviction in what won't happen. Ending with an Evangelical movement that uses Jesus as a shield for their nefarious acts. Not the first to use this trick by any means. The iron cross was a prominent feature in all Nazi propaganda. 

“Evangelicals have lost all moral authority”

Jones said he came to realize that a “massive sea change” had occurred among conservative Christians. They had abandoned their traditional self-understanding as “values voters” to become “nostalgia voters”"

If we can't be great again, we at least have to pretend.

These Trump zealots have a right to be worried. Their entire way of life is circling the toilet, like a massive turd, while they watch, mesmerized. 

Fortunately for us realists i.e. all five of us, the world is not ending - far from it, only a failed way of life is ending. And those who cling to it will go down with the ship. So it can come as no surprise that today's geezers are living in fear - after all, this disaster that was supposed to blow up on future generations is blowing up on THEM. Just when you think everyone else is about to get fucked over, come to find out, you ARE everyone else. 

For her part, Mother Nature could not be happier. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the world is still turning. Everything else is a minor detail. A self-inflicted crisis fabricated by hairless monkeys.

When I think of the biggest disinformers of this age, of course the Anti-Christ tops the list. This era wouldn't be the end times without him. However, not far below him are Sean Hannity & Friends and Rush Limbaugh. All are one stop shopping for what is entirely wrong with this era - loud, crass, arrogant, morally and intellectually dead. On a similar scale, Joe Kernen is the reason why my TV remains on mute all morning until Jim Cramer updates us on which stocks I should buy in a depression, per his proprietary COVID-19 index, which had another great week. 

“Almost everybody else in the industry is shut and it’s crushing the economy,” Cramer said. “I’d be okay with that if our leaders had a plan” but it “increasingly feels like that’s not an option” for the country."

“The whole point of the lockdown is to buy time for the federal government to build out testing and contact tracing, but if the government’s not doing that with alacrity, we’re buying time for nothing”

We are now seeing the downsides of having a total fucking idiot for president. The price will be paid in carbon tax.

History will say they were accomplices to mass murder - first in Vietnam, then in Iraq/Afghanistan, and then in the USA.

But as Howard Stern pointed out this week, it's not Trump's fault he got elected. The exact same people who re-elected George W. Bush after they KNEW he lied about WMDs in Iraq were the same ones who got blown up by Wall Street de-regulation in 2008. AND the same idiots who elected Trump, who ALSO de-regulated Wall Street as his first order of business.

For those who didn't see this as being long overdue, make no mistake, these ARE the end times.