Sunday, May 31, 2020

The MAGA Kingdom Is Burning

Trump's Disneytopian bonfire of the sanities is reaching new heights of incendiary combustion. The old age home is trapped and there is no way out...

Let's see, my 2020 predictions were for mega crash and rioting. So far, so bad.

Cutting through the CNN and Faux News 24 hour bullshit cycle, this protest-turned-riot exposes America's profound wealth inequality. According to the CIA factbook, the U.S. has a gini (inequality) coefficient between Mozambique and Cameroon. Essentially a DEEP Third World level of inequality.

And the right Banana Republican dictator for the job.

Trump was all set to level sanctions on China and Hong Kong when these weekend riots blew up his plans. Let's see, Cuba, Russia, Iran, Turkey, North Korea, now China and Hong Kong. Those countries that are NOT on the sanctions list have either been invaded already or are America's vassal states - I am referring of course to Europe, UK, and Canada. Fully complicit in enabling America's arsenal of hypocrisy. Unfortunately, just when America was about to "fix" the wayward factory slaves with sanctions and starvation, all of HER lies were exposed for the entire world to see. No amount of lamestream bullshit could hide the ugly reality of it all. 

Globally, the U.S. and her puppet allies have done far more damage than ALL other countries combined, in the name of "improving" the corporate bottom line.

I'm just saying what history will say about this biblical debauchery that we have the privilege of experiencing in real-time. 

AND, the MAGA Kingdom of course is the Disneytopian fantasy to end this entire era. Believed by a brainwashed Twitter Borg stoned on the glue fumes of ancient mythology and total fucking bullshit. Now culminating in a Potemkin economy and a world of false promises foisted on future generations. What to do? Blame the youth for protesting against their inherited fate. Ungrateful bastards.

History will call the Baby Boomers the Disney generation. Full stop. If I had to start my blog all over again by way of defining this MAGA era, I would call it the "steaming pile of dog shit". Because that is exactly what this farce is turning into.

Remember, had this generation not squandered everything including their own health, then this COVID hoax would have passed unnoticed. Much as the Hong Kong flu did in 1968.

But they panicked. Because Mother Nature had them between a rock and a hard place. 

But here is where it gets interesting. Imagine a situation in which the anarchists who are infiltrating the protests are EXPECTED to wear a mask covering their face. Because if they didn't they would be deemed "irresponsible". Do you see a problem with that?

In other words, if you go down the street wearing the skull and cross bones on a mask on your way to full scale anarchy, you will attract less attention than walking down the street with your face fully uncovered.

What could go wrong? Bank robbers can stand in line at the bank along with everyone else. 

Again, this is not Idiocracy, this is Super Idiocracy.

Getting back to Trump Casino, the S&P futures are now trending higher in direct relation to meltdown. The more the economy implodes, the more gamblers anticipate further dramatic expansion of monetary euthanasia. Which is why the P/E ratio is now infinity.

Whoa, step back. I was told the P/E ratio is 21.50. How do you get infinity? 

The P/E ratio is merely Wall Street's magic 8 ball derived metric for deciding whether or not stocks are overvalued. As it turns out, stocks are NEVER overvalued, interestingly. The ratio is current price divided by imaginary forward earnings. Which means in today's terms it's central bank Kool-aid divided by 1930s depression. Which gets us precisely to 21.50. That, and a frontal lobotomy.

Anytime anyone throws out a P/E ratio under these circumstances, it's because they are a confirmed psychopath. At best , there is right now only fantasy and fiction behind these "fundamentals". At worst, there is conflict of interest.

As I write Sunday night, Hong Kong is LEADING the entire world higher as Trump's promise to revoke their all-important special status on Friday was fortunately overshadowed by rioting and looting and end times prophecy coming true in real-time. 

Meaning, Donny's gaze has shifted from "CHINA" to his own fucked up backyard. Who to blame now? Joe Biden's son? In Trump's world if you're white and plead guilty (Mike Flynn), you receive a get out of jail free card. If you're black, you're convicted when you leave your house. 

This is all making perfect sense in the context of a late stage global empire collapsing like a cheap tent. Clearing the way for reality to once again fill the void of fear.

What will happen in Disney markets this week? No idea. Just realize that when Wall Street's fantasy P/E ratio reaches its maximum extreme divergence between central bank fantasy and economic reality, the crash back to reality will be the most extreme financial event of our lifetimes. Making March look like a picnic.

When Bernankenstein applied MAXIMUM monetary stimulus in October 2008 he figured he had put a bottom in the market. However, when his rally stalled and imploded, he was only off by 5 months and -40% (S&P). I've noticed that Jay Powell put in a call to his mentor in March and it appears that neither one of them have a very good memory.