Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Conditioned To Implode

Gamblers have been well-conditioned to view global implosion as a fantastic buying opportunity...

I wonder where they got that idea

First off, as I've said many times recently, global central banks have lethally inverted the relationship between global GDP and asset prices. For the first time in World history.


In theory, this is all to forestall a recession by creating a mega bubble ahead of time. It apparently never occurs to them what happens if global stimulus is only acting on asset prices and not the underlying economy. 

And then what happens when their bubble bursts:

It was only five years ago in 2015, when China's economic wobbles and minor currency devaluation were catalyst for global implosion. 

Subsequently, China's GDP has slowed considerably even before the Coronavirus,

Of course the usual psychopaths are out in force telling everyone to rejoice at implosion:

Which is why compared to 2015, there is no sign of selling:

Cash balances are record low

"Safe havens" are at critical support

Yesterday, several brokerages (Fidelity, Schwab, Ameritrade) had technical issues, a mere hint at what is about to come:

What you should know is that Trump is a lying bullshit artist