Thursday, April 30, 2020

Don't Drink The Lysol

The lesson this week is, don't drink the Lysol. The Anti-Christ's Corona hoax has stacked up a body count equal to Vietnam in a mere 8 weeks. He's efficient, I have to give him that much. While the bodies piled up, the Dow had its best gain in over thirty years. In the American tradition...

History will say that Mother Nature ended the reign of desecration. Trump will say it was China. Regardless of who gets the ultimate credit, the rabid MAGA circle jerk will soon "unexpectedly" explode with a known con man leading the procession. Trump will forever be known as the clown to end all clowns...

Trump is now figuring out how he can punish China for his own incompetence.

Trump's career modus operandi is to blame EVERYONE else except himself when things go wrong. It's why he has the highest turnover rate in his cabinet in U.S. history. He thinks he's still on his Apprentice TV show where he can just say "you're fired" and gain popularity. Go back to eating cheeseburgers in bed, washed down with Lysol. Manage the world via illiterate Twitter bullshit. Trump's entire life will be eulogized as having taken ZERO responsibility for anything. He was the clown to end all clowns.

The Draft-Dodger-in-Chief's body count just surpassed Vietnam in a mere eight weeks:

I've been coming across a lot of alt-right conspiracy sludge lately blaming "the elites" for this COVID lockdown fiasco and corresponding economic implosion. There is always someone else to blame. We can't blame the people who elected a known con man. After George W. Bush exploded the U.S. economy I actually thought that working class Republicans would have had enough of tax cuts for the rich. After all, it's only been forty straight years of Supply Side economic failure. But no, once again exceptional mythology and hubristic arrogance conned them into electing the biggest dunce in U.S. history. So now they must blame "the elites" for the resulting fiasco. 

Unfortunately, democracy can't survive in an aspirational Idiocracy. When the electorate shuns the truth at any cost, then the system fails. There have always been corrupt elites throughout world history. However, there hasn't always been an electorate with inverted morality. Placing greed and instant gratification ahead of honesty and responsibility to future generations.

The inconvenient truth is that without America's wage slaves in Mexico, China, and here at home, the American empire would collapse overnight. Which is what we are witnessing in real-time. History is in the making, as all of America's indentured servants are now being freed. Societal acrimony is rising by the day, and eventually even McConnell won't be able to say no to MMT for the masses. At that point redistribution of wealth will arrive via a flat tax, meaning inflation. Forty years of rapacious plunder will evaporate overnight.

However, FIRST, today's fake capitalists will discover real capitalism sans bailouts. I guarantee, they are NOT going to like it.

All of the MAGA (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple) stocks are about to explode as the second Tech bubble leads this next leg down. 

Which is why it will be fast and brutal.

The other half of MAGA (Apple and Amazon) report earnings after the close today.



JC Penney is now trading at 25 pennies.

Holy fuck.

Bonds are always right

One gets the sense that the Bank of Japan is running this gong show

After all, they invented Japanification. The running of the economy into the ground to the sole benefit of the old age home.