Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Reign Of Denial Will Be Measured In Body Count

History will say that the reign of Trump was America's moral and intellectual Death Valley - Not everyone made it across. It's the American way. Anything less Darwinian would be "socialist", according to today's rampant dumbfucks. What we are witnessing is natural selection on a biblical scale...

The Covidiocracy is Mother Nature's last nail in the coffin for history's biggest bagload of liars. 

For those of us who were forced to live through this Roman bacchanalia we are to believe that the end result will be worthwhile. This is an Old Testament ending to be sure.

Pretty much everything Trump has done since day one, will make this ending far more painful for those who believed in his reign of criminality.

From the tax cut mega deficit for the rich to the strip-mining of Obamacare. The incessant stock market pumping that jacked off GOP optimism to record highs. Excoriating the Fed to lower interest rates, demanding OPEC lower oil prices. The opening of Federal lands to drill the Energy sector into bankruptcy. The de-regulation of Wall Street and elimination of fiduciary duty, giving rise to rampant conflict of interest. The lining of his cabinet with incompetent sycophants. And of course lying non-stop about the economy. 

One year ago, Trump took a sector that was almost bankrupted in 2016 and he final imploded it:

And now of course the ignoring of all medical experts and calling the Coronavirus a hoax. The downplaying of risks which are highest for his elephantine base. The people who are most at risk from this virus are in Trump's base - elderly, frail, obese, diabetic, inert. Living in areas of the country with the WORST healthcare.

Not a few preachers and true believers have already been struck down by adherence to their false prophet:

"While they are mourning the heartbreaking earthly absence of their family patriarch & spiritual father, they also have family members who are struggling to survive this dreaded pandemic"

This virus has now become highly politicized in 2020 ahead of the big election. Now many in Trump's base see defiance to any and all lockdown laws as a show of support for Trump.

These people are leading the way in re-opening the economy.

Which is good. For them.

However, in spreading this denialism along with the virus, they will thin their own ranks substantially.

CNN is doing their part to politicize this issue as well, which is serving to drive the right wing MORE batshit crazy. What was a successful three year GOP strategy of pissing off libtards, is now cutting the other way, as views on this virus become politicized. My prediction for 2020 due to all of this obligatory denialism, is a large body count.

Speaking of denialism, it appears that shutting down the economy still somehow surprised the idiots on Wall Street:

This is the problem with denialism in a nutshell: People ignore the warnings and then they are SHOCKED when they get monkey hammered by inconvenient reality. 

It's called faking intelligence.

The data is only going to get worse by the day and week. Which means far more shock and awe is coming.

The number of stock market sectors that can be "safely" owned has now been dwindled down to Healthcare, Tech, Defense, Utilities, and Staples. ALL of which are massively overvalued.

The economic cyclicals are bidless: Homebuilders, Autos, Banks, Airlines, Retail, Energy. Which is why the "market" now consists of Fed liquidity driving the S&P futures towards  greater overvaluation.

The market is now uninvestable.

The NYSE Composite gives an accurate indication of the average stock and sector, not inflated by big cap Tech.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the TARP bailout and the corresponding spike in NYSE lows (lower pane) was not the bottom.

It was the beginning of the REAL selling.