Friday, September 11, 2020

Trump v.s. Biden In The Age Of Denial.

No matter who wins this existential election they will be an incontinent embarassment to the nation...

God is taking her revenge for this desecration and idolatry, and she is merciless. 

The U.S. is run by the weak and the corrupt now. Neither side can take pride in their candidate. Trump acolytes constantly decry Biden's cognitive decline, while assiduously ignoring Trump's mental challenges from birth. Rest assured, history won't make that same mistake. Elizabeth Warren was the right woman for the job, however the U.S. was not ready for a capable female president. Hillary proved that in spades four years ago, unceremoniously Trumped by a circus clown. Unlike Hillary, Elizabeth Warren officially challenged the narrative of fake exceptionalism and thereby rankled the establishment in both parties. As it's been in Japan for three decades, true reform is not an option in the U.S. at this juncture. The printed money is flowing directly into the coffers of America's Casino Class who are fat and happy with the status quo. That will soon change. Trump Casino will fix America's inequality problem, just not in the way anyone right now expects. 

The U.S. still can't look itself in the mirror and admit to its failed past. So for now we settle for the token symbology taking the knee on sports fields across the country. The weak and corrupt preside over the Remains of the Day handed down from all prior generations. Today's frat boys were sent to the "best" schools to learn the art of sociopathy. Nevermind the details, the science and technology, it's not what you know it's who you know that matters. America's top schools are factories for churning out homogenized sociopaths.

For some reason today's alt-paranoids continually refer to these country club sociopaths as the "elites". Why, I don't know. There is nothing elite about them. They are as dumb as a brick, and rampant throughout society. We all know and work with these people, they are inveterate sociopaths bulldozing their way through life.

Which is how you end up in a society bereft of historical perspective. Bereft of wisdom and knowledge. These social climbers dominate every domain of society. They thrive on the efficient frontier of the generally accepted false narrative. Hyper-competitive on all the fake facts and assumptions, which must never be questioned. Their battle is a circus ring in an intellectually void desert. An appeal to emotion and belief over inconvenient reality.

These people are in no way a conspiracy. As Gore Vidal - born himself into the privileged class - once said: these people don't need to conspire - they all think alike anyways. They were raised to believe that they are better than everyone else and they deserve to maintain their country club advantage by any means possible.

Of course if this WAS all a conspiracy, it would be the biggest planned clusterfuck in history. Unfortunately, the Dark Ages was not a conspiracy either. History dictates that anarchy follows decadence. And this is the most decadent society in U.S. history.

Day in and day out we are deluged with ludicrous stupidity, compliments of arrogant unquestioning morons. The Japanese put up with this type of corruption for 30 years, because they're Japanese. The most obedient society on the face of the Earth. However this is America, wherein any form of government imposed restriction portends imminent authoritarian communism and therefore demands acquisition of maximum firepower. This is an experiment gone bad.

What once was exceptional - open borders and attracting the best and brightest from around the world, is now going in reverse at the helm of dumbfuckistan - those who were discarded by the Globalized Ponzi scheme. And yet these same people never once question their own contorted beliefs. From an historical perspective, Trump was the right man for the time. He rinsed and repeated the exact same lies all over again, this time under the banner of "change".

Biden was chosen because he was no major threat to the generally accepted narrative. Neither one is fit to lead, although a dead squirrel would do less damage to America's global standing than the incumbent.

This is all just history 101 in real-time.