Saturday, September 5, 2020

MAGA 2020: Doubled Down On Donny

Since the beginning of the Republican National Convention (Aug. 24th), betting odds of a Trump victory have surged in lockstep with the stock market. Gamblers have been betting with the odds makers and their call options, on another Trump win...

There is only one thing that can stop them now:

The Republican National Convention which started August 24th, ignited an eight day vertical robo rally to new all time highs peaking this past Wednesday. Previously, the February implosion had been the fastest crash from an all time high to a bear market in U.S. history. So far, this one is even faster, which if it continues will make last week's RNC the biggest bullshit trap in history:

It's nine weeks to the election and per tradition the Democrats can't find their ass with both hands. Something about being the party of tolerance has enabled them to tolerate extremely intolerant left wing jackasses. With every violent protest and riot, the odds of a Trump victory grow larger. As it was in 1968, the nightly protests and anarchy during that ill-fated summer carried Tricky Dick to victory in the Fall. The same will happen again, if this trend continues:

However, it's important to remember that this is not 1968. And this is no longer a superficial culture war. Since Nixon was elected, the middle class has been decimated by right wing ideology, one industry, factory, and job at a time. Which is why the right would love for everyone to believe that this is strictly about race wars, however, beneath the surface this has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity.

This is 100% economic ideology. 

Over the past four years, Trump's signature strategy of robbing the poor to pay the rich has exploded wealth inequality to Banana Republican levels. During the COVID lockdown, things have only become far worse. It's no coincidence that the riots and protests kicked in soon after the lockdown began. Under the banner of BLM, but inequality protests nonetheless.

Since the COVID lockdown began, the economic dislocation to the working class has grown steadily worse. Meanwhile, the stock market has been moving steadily higher, creating the largest divergence between fantasy and reality in U.S. history. A divergence which so far has allowed today's so-called "elites" aka. everyone who doesn't give a fuck about anyone but themselves - to ignore the uneven distribution of printed funny money. These people are the sole beneficiaries of Federal Reserve socialism. For the rich.Therefore, they are universally of the mind that the economy no longer matters, only Fed stimulus matters. This article is typical of the type of ludicrous idiocy currently on offer at this critical juncture:

"From the bull’s perspective, not a lot has changed"

"Bullish investors see the promise of lower interest rates for years to come and further injections of money by the Federal Reserve into various parts of the financial system, along with perhaps another fiscal stimulus from the government, as buttressing the market and offering a floor against future dramatic losses"

Since the current bull market kicked off in March, there have only been two pullbacks of more than 5%. Recent bull markets have tended to have three or four setbacks over the first nine months”

Got that? A new bull market, in a new economic depression. As I've pointed out, the 1930 headfake rally lasted five months, which is the same duration this one has lasted.

"This bull market is just getting started"
"Depressionary interest rates are the key factor"

Four years and untold thousands of unaccounted Trump lies later, we have reached a critical juncture. Yet again, the Democrats need all the help they can get defeating the Anti-Christ. Being more generous, tolerant, and intelligent than the other side never seems to work. Alt-Christians have a fake history to uphold and delusional exceptionalism to propagate. Bounding down the road to Perdition behind their beloved circus clown. They have a date with destiny to be shit canned along the likes of every other failed tin pot dictator in history.

It was four years ago this month that Trump told just one of so many thousands of lies to come. He said that the Fed had created a big, fat, ugly bubble that would implode when Obama left the White House for the golf course.

Then he spent the next four years making it far larger and FAR more lethal.

It's high time for this Roman Circus to end.

In summary, Forrest Trumpians are doubled down on habitual lying, hence what comes next will be of biblical magnitude.

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