Saturday, September 19, 2020

It's The End Of The World. As We Know It.

History will say that Globalization ended in 2020. Exploded by global pandemonium...

Let's see, 100 year storms every month, unprecedented wildfires, global pandemic, global economic depression, speculative super bubble, ongoing riots, Anti-Christ president, senile Democrat challenger. What's not to like?

This pandemic has "fixed" most of the problems that both parties have assiduously ignored. Fixed only in the sense that denial induced atrophy has led to final collapse. For example, this COVID-induced travel ban. The best way to reduce carbon footprint? Probably not. Now featuring thousands of airliners and hundreds of mega cruise ships mothballed likely forever. The immigration crisis - the COVID response has been to close all borders indefinitely, splitting up millions of immigrant families with no notice. Optimal? Not really.

The other major crisis of our time, wealth inequality, has been massively worsened by the COVID crisis, as global central banks mainline monetary heroin straight into the veins of global speculators, amid a mass unemployment crisis. What is so good about bidding up Amazon's stock price to ludicrous valuation, when tens of thousands of retail workers are now having their jobs obliterated by Amazon during lockdown? Is not for me to say. COVID accelerated the ongoing decimation of the real economy by technology-driven commodification. Culminating in a zero yield world, where the only return is a zero sum game asset bubble Ponzi scheme.

If you don't understand all of this, it's because you're not an idiot. And because you don't believe in conspiracy theories. 

Of course, this week these gamblers bought the reflation lie with both hands, as accelerating rotation out of deflation trades continued to implode the stay-at-home Tech bubble. The stock market peaked two weeks ago at the five month mark, which is the same duration the 1930 headfake rally lasted. The Dow and broader market never confirmed the new S&P all time high in August. COVID will now reveal the chasmic gap between fantasy and reality that has for so long been assiduously ignored: 

"In just the past six months, more than 22 million American jobs have been lost, and fewer than half have so far returned. Even when they were working, many people weren’t earning enough to get by."

"Lots of people blame themselves. They have internalized the larger American society’s judgment about being poor. Because, you know, the American dream is anybody who works hard can prosper. The other side of that coin is that if you don’t prosper, it must mean you’re not working hard."

The dark side of the American Dream turned nightmare, is that those brainwashed to believe in it blame themselves for the failure of the system. When in fact in America, the hardest working people get paid the least.

Fittingly, however, the true believers of this Trump recovery con job are now in self-destruct mode. Not willing to accept that their old way of life is over, because they are addicted to external gratification and the consumption-oriented lifestyle. Eastern philosophies teach us the importance of mindfulness and mental tranquility, however, the Western lifestyle is at the other end of the spectrum, amped up on excessive stimulation. In order to achieve internal gratification, these consumption bots must first detoxify their lifestyle and suffer the attendant withdrawal, and then take steps towards achieving inner tranquility. However, as we all know, mindfulness takes time and discipline, something these addicts don't have. So instead, they double down on their addictions. And their half life expectancy.

From a more philosophical perspective, these people are not living for today, they are only ever living for a false tomorrow and the perpetual promise of "more". Any lucid person knows that's not what is coming. Therefore the lies and narratives these zombies believe must become greater and more fantastical. Now featuring deranged pablum administered by an orange circus clown. 

We are not owed more. This planet has been blighted by corporate addiction, and biblical greed. It's only fitting that these addictions are now killing the same people who refuse to change their ways and accept reality. This crash and the ensuing deflationary glut of everything will finally open their eyes to the new reality. 

All of which means that these denialists must reject their current way of life before they have any chance of finding their way to a better one. How many of these addicts will adapt and adjust is not for me to say. I only know that this all makes perfect sense now, for those who still adhere to the antiquated concepts of reality and reason. 

Sept. 18, 2020:

It's The End Of the World As We Know It. And Michael Stipe Does Not Feel Fine

‘Unfortunately, cities here in Georgia were soon to face the burden of some of America’s worst tendencies toward magical thinking and ignorance of science, and the most basic of disease prevention tactics’

"I'll take denial and magical thinking for everything, Alex"