Friday, January 8, 2021

The MAGA Kingdom Is Imploding

The reign of idiocy is ending, badly.  Not for lack of trying, mind you. What happened to McDonald Trump this week was a biblical lesson as to what happens to those who embrace false pride. Four years later and alt-Christians finally realized they got punk'd by their supreme asshole...

Trump will forever be known as human history's biggest low class circus clown. It was a pathetic grand finale he put on this week, urging his acolyte clown followers to sack the Capitol, while the world looked on in disgust. In the future, the adjective "Trump" will be synonymous with being a loud, dumb, jackass. Trump is the prodigal son of the Republican Party, three decades of Faux News in the making. All that cultivation of useful idiots and in the end GOP Senators were left hiding under their benches afraid of their own marauding voters. History will say they created a frankenmonster and it got off the leash when a psychopath took control.  

Below will be Trump's legacy - a massive COVID spike while he was attempting to subvert democracy.

The Jim Jones of presidents deftly plying his skills in an old age home. 

The ignominious takedown of Trump this week is a cautionary tale for everyone in this narcissistic society. Whenever Trump found himself backed into a corner of his own lies, he just doubled down on a bigger lie. All the way until the very end when he put on an infantile temper tantrum for all the world to see. Everyone who is pretending to be something they are not in this reality TV social media fake society is on the continuum of a mini Trump. Just waiting to have their entire fraud exposed.

When the U.S. Capitol was sacked this week for the first time since the Civil War, U.S. media coalesced around the same theme - the world is watching and the U.S. must uphold the mantle of the world's greatest democracy. That ship has sailed. The rest of the world is not looking at the U.S. for an example of how to be, they're running in the other direction. That unquestioned arrogance is precisely what created Trump in the first place - the belief that everything in America is better than the rest of the world. U.S. TV "news" for lack of a better word, has devolved into a 24 hour talk show of like-minded apparatchiks. Which is why today's talk show mannequins have not even the slightest clue what the rest of the world is thinking. Being in the U.S. is like being blacked out from world affairs. 

History will say that Trump did more to tarnish America's reputation than any president in U.S. history. He exposed the underlying discontent that has been accumulating in trailer parks for decades. 

It all speaks to a total lack of humility that pervades this society and its inability to accept reality. 

As I see it, going forward as this Roman bacchanalia comes to an end - at a personal level there are only two paths to take now - one is the way of Trump, to double down on smoke and mirrors until the very end. Or, to accept the fact that the World has now been equalized at the Third World standard, and today's billionaires are nothing more than money printed welfare queens. Elon Musk can thank global central banks and gullible Millennials throwing their stimulus money away at the Trump Casino, for increasing his wealth 600% in one year. Today's capitalists say they don't believe in socialism, but you watch, the minute this explodes, they will come running for bailouts. Same as last time. 

Those who do not accept this reality that the "great" past is over, will go down like Trump, clinging to fantasy and delusion to the final day. Never adapting, never seeking nor finding true happiness. In the end, becoming angrier and angrier while blaming others for their unfulfilled delusions of grandeur. 

Speaking of exploding arrogance, having collaborated on human history's largest financial weapon of mass destruction, one has to wonder, what made central banks believe that creating massively destructive asset bubbles was the best way forward. Japan I suppose - the template for how to run a country into the ground. The Fed has learned from the best. Whenever the bubbles they intentionally create get frothy, the Fed always warns that speculation is getting excessive. And yet were it not for excessive speculation, their entire trickle down Jedi Mind trick for weak minded fools would fail. All of which is why a lot of gamblers predict that central banks will start buying stocks directly when this bubble explodes. Create another bubble.

That failed gambit has already been tried:

Any questions?

When this bubble final explodes, central banks will be exposed as C-grade economic illiterates. And today's PhD economists will be exposed as nothing more than stimulus addicted simpletons. 

And then, the underwear will be mighty stained.

Only dedicated sheeple, who place their trust in known psychopaths, would assume this epic pump and dump is to their benefit.

When it's solely at their expense. 

"For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world"