Monday, January 25, 2021

Still Stuck In Deflation

According to today's economic "experts", the cure for wealth inequality is greater wealth inequality. The only way this "system" gets fixed is when all of these "experts" and their dumbfuck ideas explode with extreme dislocation...

The Globalized economic paradigm has always been inherently deflationary - corporations constantly moving production to the lowest cost locales in order to "grow" profits. Leaving a wake of economic devastation behind them. The inevitable end result was global interest rates stuck at the zero bound for over a decade straight. Free trade generated free capital which then further accelerated the automation of jobs, thus creating the beloved COVID-resistant virtual economy. Global central banks have compensated for this depressionary capacity glut by pumping up asset values in the Tech sector, to reward them for obliterating traditional industries at an unprecedented rate. 

What could go wrong?

All of this chicanery so that Boomers could pretend their retirement is still intact. They can ride out a global depression in the most over-valued stock market in history to achieve the linear-extrapolated goals set forth by their investment advisors. Today's advisors and central banks are hardcore acolytes of the Bernie Madoff school of investing: Set a goal and then work backwards to whatever asset misallocation will achieve it. 

We now see that even the "blue wave" has still not changed the predominant deflation paradigm, which by sheer coincidence happens to be very billionaire friendly. It's at this time of year that Oxfam reminds us that global wealth inequality increases every year. This past year however has been one for the record books:

"Nine months. That's how long it took the world's top 1,000 billionaires to recoup their fortunes after the coronavirus pandemic hit.

More than a decade is how long it could take the world's poorest to recover, according to Oxfam International's annual inequality report."

Let's get this straight:
Since 2008, global wealth inequality has been getting worse, and now that abject lack of progress just got set back by another decade? I'm no logic expert, but I'm pretty sure that means there will be no "recovery" for the world's poorest. We were making NO progress before, and now we're another full decade behind in making no progress. Rule #1 of navigation, you can't reach a destination by going in the wrong direction. 

So how to fix a global economic depression in a system that generates mass wealth  inequality? According to today's "experts", you put an asset bubble on steroids. Cure a system terminally corrupted by greed by subsidizing epic amounts of leveraged speculation. 

Only one thing can fix this problem wherein Elon Musk sees his wealth grow by 600% in one year compliments of socialism for the rich. Asset explosion.

And despite all of the talk of "reflation", the locus of risk remains the Tech sector.

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