Thursday, August 27, 2020

Smoking Crack Used To Be Illegal

I have learned a few things by watching the Republican National Convention. First off, Joe Biden is a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Why? because the Democrats will never be a fraction as vicious as the good Christian Republicans. Which is why the RNC has turned into a hate filled fear festival, with Barbie and Ken doll taking turns on stage. If Joe Biden is elected, we are told that AOC will run Treasury, Ilhan Omar will run the State Department, all guns will be confiscated, and there will be no police whatsoever...

This is what history will say about the Republican Party circa 2020:

Using this proprietary GOP attack methodology, were he to stoop to their same fear tactics, here is what Joe Biden would say will happen if the Anti-Christ gets re-elected to complete the Tribulation:

1) They will plunder Social Security and Medicare by directing all FICA payroll deductions to tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy

2) They will destroy Obamacare leaving millions of jobless with no access to healthcare in the depths of the worst depression and pandemic since 1930.

3) They will open up all Federal lands to fracking and continue to destroy the environment. Including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, which was approved for drilling last week. 

4) They will further deregulate Wall Street by final destroying the Volcker Rule and Dodd-Frank protections put in place after 2008

5) They will destroy what's left of America's reputation on the global stage, forcing everyone to put Canadian flags on their luggage when traveling overseas

6) They will signal their undying support for white supremacy and ensure that the highly profitable corporate prisons are fully stocked with black men, while white collar criminals plunder the country with impunity

7) They will destroy democracy and ensure only deranged circus clowns get elected and all hooker payoffs are tax deductible

8) They will create human history's biggest sugar stimulus stock market bubble, thus widening the wealth/income gap beyond Third World levels

All of the above. 

Too late.