Monday, August 9, 2021

Don't Worry, Be Fat, Dumb, And Happy

I never worry that my blog posts will attract a large following, that takes a skill I've never cultivated...

"The Lonely Crowd argues that a society dominated by the external-directed personality type faces profound deficiencies in leadership, individual self-knowledge, and human potential"

Somewhere along the line "rational self-interest" in the Ayn Randian tradition jumped the shark to become rational self-destruction. This zombified consumption Borg is now basing its perception of what's "normal" upon the actions of like-minded sociopaths. This society's consumption obsession is an extinction level event for both this planet and this species. Fifty years ago the U.S. was driving dune buggies around on the Moon. Fast forward and we are told that the richest man in the world reaching the edge of space is proof that recreational space travel is finally in reach of the masses - those who can afford a $100k 90 second joy ride. Why is this happening?  It's happening because consumption has crowded out investment, and all of life for that matter. External gratification is the Borg's only concern now and therefore it drives all aspects of human life. It also drives all political policy - what can get squeezed in between never ending campaign cycles. The two political parties are dueling banjos in the hands of demented hillbillies. 

At present this society is grappling with the worsening effects of global warming, a lingering pandemic, a mental health crisis, and a healthcare care crisis. All of which are a direct result of this bloated society's consumption obsession. And the policy response? Create a super asset bubble so the crowd can gamble themselves into penury with debt at record levels.  

Great idea.

Fortunately, all of these problems are now far beyond the reach of the hairless monkeys eating themselves to death. We are now in the death grip of reality. Regardless of where you come down on all of these problems, one thing is clear - there is no consensus on anything. And no consensus means no solutions. Because consensus we are told would imply brainwashing. And the only brainwashing that's allowed is corporate advertisement. Therefore, everyone gets to have their own version of reality, until such time as the Grim Reaper comes knocking on the door at supper time. We have reached the democratic stage of Darwinian natural selection.

Below we see the number of stocks (not) confirming  last week's all time high in the major averages. 



According to Warren Buffett, those who haven't figured out who's the sucker at the poker table, ARE the suckers at the table.