Tuesday, June 2, 2020


The great reckoning has arrived. Those who don't see it coming were not meant to see it coming. MAGA is the biggest dumb money bubble in human history...

FAR too much time has been wasted on this failed way of life. For those drones who followed it to their logical conclusion we can only feel sorry for them. This combination of COVID hoax, global depression, and grapes of wrath anarchy is not the buying opportunity it appears to be. It's human history's biggest dumb money bubble without any question. 

For me personally, I am 100% zen. As far as I am concerned righteous reality has returned with a biblical vengeance. Martin Luther King famously declared that the "arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice". Long indeed. Many of today's pundits see parallels with 1968 the year King was assassinated: An eerily similar global virus, extreme racial tensions, and of course plenty of rioting. And my birth year, let's not forget that. At that time, the country lurched to the right to elect Richard Nixon. I don't see that happening this time around.

This time around, the Republicons are on the ropes grasping their failed ideologies. History will say that Nixon was the beginning of the fraud, and Trump was the end of the fraud. Book-ended criminals. Nixon, to his downfall, kept recorded tapes of himself fully admitting Watergate malfeasance. Like Trump, he enjoyed the sound of his own voice. Trump has incriminated himself over and over again. Whereas Biden isn't allowed any pussy whatsoever - he is married after all - Trump's evangelical base allows him to grab as much pussy as he wants. I've decided I'm evangelical now. I haven't told my wife yet, because she will kill me without hesitation.

In other words, it's quite a double standard that we've become FAR to used to, thanks to the rabid right. So much so that the alt-left is prepared to pass on an imperfect candidate, and hand re-election back to Super Dunce, while they wait for Mrs. right to never appear. There are enough fucking morons to go around. The Anti-Christ-in-Chief gained props from his acolyte base yesterday when he posed in front of a Washington church holding a bible. It's the same type of meaningless spectacle they've built their entire lives upon. So of course they loved it. I was surprised he didn't explode on the spot. History will say that his base were the last ones to know this was all ending extraordinarily badly. What they perceive as a new beginning happens to be the end of their entire Faustian way of life. The only question from an historical perspective will be, how many demented hillbillies were there at that time?

Global central banks have now administered lethal doses of monetary euthanasia. So much so that global asset prices are now heading in the opposite direction of global GDP for the first time ever. It's the largest misallocation of capital in human history. Today's masses are now fully convinced that printed money is the secret to effortless wealth and far more important than jobs, industries, and economic output. According to these people, economic output could fall to zero and it would make no difference to asset prices. As of this week, over 40 million (27%) of U.S. jobs have been lost and an estimated HALF of all small businesses.

Globally the picture is as bad or worse. And yet today's economists still see a "v-shaped" recovery. 

Small investors always rush into stocks in droves at the end of bull markets, and this time is no exception. This is the second COVIDIOT top in three months, and yet this one is even frothier and more lethal than the last one. This time gamblers are crowded into the most speculative and over-owned Tech stocks. At the last top, most sectors made new highs. This time it's Tech and Biotech alone making new highs.

Gambling through a pandemic has now become a widespread preoccupation:

"A global pandemic has thrown the world’s economy into a terrifying tailspin. The stock market’s gyrations, which often seem wholly disconnected from the actual economy, are more unpredictable than ever — and no less an investment wizard than Warren Buffet says his fund remains on the sidelines because “we don’t see anything that attractive” to buy. Yet somehow an app designed to encourage inexperienced young Main Streeters to play the market, and that has been dogged by reliability issues, is a smash hit, bolstered by the smartest Silicon Valley investors."

Any questions?

Add in dumb money index allocations, fund managers chasing performance, and momentum-chasing algos to create the largest dumb money bubble in human history.

Sadly, the corporate simulation of everything is ending. Badly. Now what to do, live life, what's that? Life outside of spectacle, where to begin. If you think about these social media giants that dominate the stock market, what are they dispensing other than personal reality TV shows, laced with ad-sponsored disinformation. While cable TV can boast 2,000 channels of mindless crap, Facebook has a million times that amount of bullshit. Zuckerborg was on the hot seat this week for giving license to Trumptopian fraud. Unfortunately, what regulators don't understand is that enabling disinformation IS the Facebook model. And what can Google say when their entire business is ad-sponsored bullshit. Sure they have profitless side ventures, but 99% of their revenue is paid disinformation. When Morgan Stanley installed their CFO at Google, the corporate motto changed from "do no harm" to "never miss the quarter again".

History will say that between Faux News and Facebook, America's last business model was a massive river of bullshit. That got bought with both hands. Right before the total collapse.

No one saw it coming. Mass bullshit had substituted for everything real.